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Experimenter and observer, sysAdmin fond of complex infrastructure and security management technology, founder and owner of my IT Company DOT-net, devotee and avant-garde lover.. I love art in all its forms. So ladies and gents, welcome to my web space. My name is Anuar and for a few years I'll still between 35 and 45 years well needless to give precise age (you know what I mean :) ). I am involved in several disciplines: I deal with complex information systems and trainer as Senior Systems Engineer in the Microsoft environment; MCSA, MCSE, MCT pro Certified.
I am a musician / guitarist and sound engineer ProTools certified - Operator Music. Active in several music project such as guitar player, singer, Dj producer and arranger. Check some video about my performance. In addition I write articles for indie music and arts portals. Since 2002 creative designer, web master and communications consultant. Photographer, aesthete, and aesthetic life lover. In the works section you can find some works and projects. Enjoy your trip and thanks for your attention. For any info you can contact me through the channels that you'll find in contact section. Oh! I almost forgot to say that I am also a really proud dad!

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Anuar Arebi
mobile: 333-1640486
mail: anuar@anuar.biz


University of Life

All around the world From 1974 | Future

I was born in Italy, my father originally from Libya and my mom was an awesome italian mother and a great chef! :) Travel since I have two years, I lived some time during my life in Libya, Asia (Japan, India, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia), Russia and of course Italy! I worked in many countries with many pro and each time it was an extraordinary experience. I've meet people from all over the world, all races, colors, religions and ideas and I continue to know them because I love people and what they have to say. This is my really "Education"..in addition to a computer engineering, master classes on various topics and a ProTools Certification. :)


My Work

DOT-net Easy network solutions

Owner/Founder 2001 - Present&Future

DOT-net is my Qual.IT company, my creature..my family. DOT-net is an all-round HI-TECH company operating in fields such as IT consulting, training, software design, network infrastructure, desktop publishing, audio and video authoring, and cloud computing. Is a flexible, knowledgeable and solid company. Its simple, meticulous and highly effective working methods have been built up over more than fifteen years in business. I believe that the key to efficacy lies in streamlined solutions that are adapted to suit business, rather than the other way round. Technology is a resource, but the real difference is made by ideas. Please check the web site company for more details.


Owner 2009 - Present&Future

Howmanysoundis my little music production & sound design project studio, is my refuge, my artistic smithy. All kind of sound. Your Sound! 
We are Experts in the modeling of each type of music genre, with my team we work to give the best sound solutions: our staff is composed by great experience musicians, sound designers, sound engineers, arrangers and dj from all around the world. You can check my first debut electronic album @ soundcloud profile and in the works section. Feel free to answer whatever you want about the magic world of music, recording and sound design. Please check the web site studio for details.
Last production
Choose your experience A lounge trip Tenerife night Dreamin' EP


The most complex thing is judged by yourself and write something about it. It is likely to enhance or detract our own work.
I think that my knowledge are more than the diagrams below but I tried to bring together those who are my core competencies.

  • sysadmin
  • Musician and composer
  • Designer
  • Sensibility
  • haughtiness :)

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  • "...the best Microsoft sysadmin I've ever met, work with him was a real pleasure".

    Andrea Corazzari (Maccaferri Group | Senior System Engineer)
  • ...one of the smarter, up-to-date, skilled, rigorous, problem solver and professional colleague I've ever worked with.

    Mr. Marco Maggio Binucci (Cup2000 | Project Manager)
  • "...is a very correct person and a good professional to work with".

    Federica Marchetti (Lympha Technologies | Resources & Account Manager)
  • "...Great knowledge of Microsoft products and solutions, very good system administrator. It was great working with Anuar.".

    Lorenzo Dalrio (Cup2000/CRIF | Senior System Specialist)
  • "...Careful timely, proactive and with excellent analysis skills."

    Vincenzo Gattei (DueTorri SpA | Chief Information Officer)
  • "...I thought it was impossible to be both a great musician and an excellent consultant in computer science: Anuar made me think again."

    Nicola Borghi (DueTorri SpA | Operation Director)
  • about Choose your Experience "...an excellent CD, the possible audience can be extremely wide, a soundtrack that we can keep company with cold determination that never gets boring. A composition of quality that makes you appreciate the technology that becomes music."

    Maurizio Donini (TuttoRock | Editor)

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